Since its inception in 1992, Endeavour Instrument Pvt. Ltd., is engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of Electronic Weighing Scales, Automatic Weighbridges and EOT Cranes.
Digital Crane Scale
Model: OCS-SZL

Dimensions and Specifications:

MODEL Cap.(kg) Resolution(kg) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) H(mm) N.W.(kg) G.W.(kg)
OCS-SZL-30 30000 10 260 340 100 300 200 1055 104 115


  • Enclosure :
    Seamless steel pipe extruded for maximum protection.
  • Multi-weighing units :
    Kg, lb are selectable, kg are default unit.
    1. Multi-function operation:
      Tare, Zero, Auto zero tracking, Total, Hold, Overload warning and record, operated through infrared remote controller.
    2. User-friendly design:
      Large red 5 digit LED display (digit height 45mm), Battery Operated with low battery indication, Automatic turn off , power-saving function. Special design loadcell, threadless connection, more safety.
    3. Gravity regulation:
      The acceleration of gravity can be regulated through remote controller according to different places value.
    4. Multi options:
      RS-232-continuous or on demand data output, user-selectable.
      Wireless big screen 3″, 5″, wireless indicator 180, 280, 380, 580 can match with the scale, user-selectable.

Main technical data:

Accuracy Standard According to OIML class III
Display 45mm (1.8″) 5digits LED
Filtering Low, Medium or High selectable
Units Kilograms or Pounds selectable
Resulation 2000 to 3000 divisions standard(up to 15,000 available)
Zero Range 4% F.S.
Tare Range 100% F.S.
Overload Indication 100% F.S. + 9e
Max. Safety Load 125% F.S.
Ultimate Load 400% F.S.
Battery Type Fully sealed Lead-Acid battery, 6V/7Ah
Battery Life ≥100 hours
Adapter DC 9V/1000mA
Operating Humidity ≤85% RH under 20C
Remote Controller Distance Max. 15m
Battery of Remote Controller 7# battery, 1.5V x2
Acceleration of Gravity Can be regulated, the default value is 9.793