Digital Load Cell system
Digital Load Cell system is a brand new electronic weighing appliance developed from the strain gauge sensor by using modern micro-electronics technology and micro-computer integration. It includes two parts, analogue load cell(strain gauge) and digital converter module. Converter module is a high-integrated electronic circuit and adopts SMT on the surface. It mainly includes amplifier, A/D converter, microprocessor (CPU), memorizer (EEPROM calibration memory), interface circuit (RS485) and digital load cell.
Digital Load Cell System Specifications :-
  • High precision, High Reliability
  • Consistency & Interchangeability
  • Good long term stability, great anti-interference ability
  • Self-distinguish and Malfunction diagnosing easily
  • High flexibility
  • High security to avoid cheat function
Conversion Rate 50 Measurements/sec
Transmission Rate 9600BPS
Resolution 100000 counts
Effect on Sensibility +/- 0.02% F.S. /10’C
Zero Balance +/- 0.1% F.S.
Safe overload 150% F.S.
Max.Signal Transmission Distance 1200 meter
Creep Error (30 min) +/- 0.02 % F.S.
Protection IP68
Combined Error +/- 0.02 % F.S.
Operating Temperature – 30 to + 70’c
Load Cell Number 1 – 32
Recommended Excitation 9 – 12 VCD
Max.Excitation 750mA FUSE FOR INPUT
Input line filter for EMI or RFI Supession
Spike supession for input transients
Opto-isolation of signal and i/o’s for high immunity from electrical noise
Pre-Calibrated Load Cell
  • High Precision &High Reliability.
  • Consistency & Interchangeability.
  • Long Term Stability with Anti-Interference Ability.
  • Long distance data transfer without any data loss.
Digital Indicator – END2020
  • High end protection against lightning & surge.
  • Automatic Fault Diagnosis.
  • Pen drive dumping to get data records.
  • Auto SMS / Email Facility.
  • Confidential weighments to trap unweighed passing vehicle.
Digital Indicator Features :-
  • High end protection against lightining and surge
  • Multi step calibration procedure to achieve perfect and error free calibration.
  • Automatic Fault dignosis.
  • Dual range system for achieving better accuracy.
  • Auto zero tracking to track zero position.
  • Customization for RS 232 communication string baud rate, parity & format.
  • Pendrive dumping to get data records in softcopy.
  • 10 entries in tickets for 30 character each
  • Net Weight printing in Word.
  • Multiple reports Option.
  • Dynemic Preprinted setting
  • Customization for plain or preprinted weighment slip formats.
  • Multiple SMS features for ease of weighbridge owners & clients. (OPTIONAL)
  • Auto Email facility for sending weighment slip or Day report. (OPTIONAL)
  • Grain Market application features of Rate, Amount & Binding material deduction. (OPTIONAL)
  • Vehicle type codification for standard weighment charges.
  • GST Taxation feature.
  • Confidential weighments to trap unweighed passing vehicle.
Technical Specification :-
Processor 32 bit ARM Processer
Real time clock On board battery backed RTC
Memory On board memory to save 1lakh records
Power supply SMPS Power supply
Input voltage 90V TO 270V AC@ 50 MHZ
Protection 750mA FUSE FOR INPUT
Input line filter for EMI or RFI Supession
Spike supession for input transients
Opto-isolation of signal and i/o’s for high immunity from electrical noise
Power consumption 10 VA(approx)
Display Graphical LCD Display with Blue Backlight
Key Board port USB connector compitable key board of any brand
USB port USB port configured for Pen drive
Serial port Isolated RS-232 serial port (D type 9pin) for continuous weight transfer
Printer port Isolated Centronics port/ USB port compitable to Dot metrix printer/Laser printer
Remote Display port To conect external jumbo display 1 ” to 4 “
Indicator Housing SS Body indicator, arrangements of wall Mounted cum Table Mounted
Anti corrosive, roughed material

Are you using an
Analog Loadcell Weighbridge?

If you are using Analog Load Cell, then you are prone to manipulation of your weighbridge.

Avoid this manipulation by changing your Analog Loadcell to a Digital one.

Check this type of any external circuit
is connected with load cell or indicator

Frequent returns in the night
and attaches the cheating device.