Material Lifting Solution

Endeavour Is Leading Supplier & Exporter Of Different Types Of Mass Climbing Platform, Men & Material Hoist, Rope Suspended Platform, Infrastructure Industries And Many More Industries With Various Customized Capacity & Sizes.

Mass climbing solution
With the industry’s most innovative engineers and the broadest line of durable and reliable material handling equipment, Endeavour designs and manufactures the world’s most trusted scissor lift tables, vertical freight lifts (vertical reciprocating conveyors), dock lifts, and hydraulically, pneumatically, and mechanically actuated custom-designed lifts that meet specific customer requirements. Endeavour custom material handling and lifting solutions are developed for and currently employed in a wide variety of very diverse industries.
We Offer following Technical Specifications :-
Technical data EP-2818 single mast EP-2818 Twin mast
max.capacity 1250kg 2600kg
Lifting Speed 10,6 m/min 10,6 m/min
Max Platform length 6,9 m 24,6 m
Widness 0,8 m 0,8 m
Standard telesc. extension 0,8 m 0,8 m
Max extension length 2 m* max 2 m* max
Max freestanding height 6 m 6 m
Max anchored height 80 m 80 m
Max tie distance 7,5 m max 7,5 m max
Input Power range 380/50 Hz – 415/60 Hz 380/50 Hz – 415/60 Hz
Power of the motors 2 X 1,5 kw 2 X 1,5 kw
Minimum line power requireed (suggested) 6 kw 10 kw