Weighbridge/Truck scale

Endeavour is leading manufacturer & exporter of different type of weighbridge/Truck Scale for Industrial ,Infrastrastructure Industries and Minning Industries. Ranging from 10MT to 800MT in various customized sizes.

Pitless type weigh bridge

Complete all Steel structure, fabricated to form a box type squarish grid network in semi bolted construction covered with M.S. Plates duly ribbed, a rugged cubical web unique modular design. The modules consists of Steel deep section main “I” Beams, which are placed longitudinally in the direction of the traffic, which take the real weight. The load cells are mounted under these main beams. Cross ‘I’ beam modules are bolted / welded crosswise, carefully fabricated in rigid box type grid work to prevent deflection and distortion, even on overloads.

Retrofit cubical web design is symmertrical axle load bearing, where the deck plate acts as a surface skin rather than part of the load bearing structure underneath. The sophisticated design is unmatched performance that others can only hope to emulate. Endeavour has been manufacturing high quality products for over 2 decades having design, development machining, fabrication, assembly, testing & calibration, all in house; allows us to serve our customer’s best requirements.

A low profile weighbridge that is versatile and easy to install, the structure is almost identical as the former. But because it is elevated, maintenance works are far easier. However the land required for this is more as the approach ramps on both ends are a must This type of weighbridge is particularly suitable if the site conditions are hazardous ,rocky soil conditions also if relocation of site is anticipated.

We offer following Weigh bridge Specifications :-
Model No. Capacity Accuracy Platform size (mtr)
WB-E- 25MT 25MT 5 kg 7.5 X 3; 9 X 3
WB-E- 30MT 30MT 5 kg 7.5 X 3; 9 X 3
WB-E- 40MT 40MT 5 kg 7.5 X 3; 9 X 3; 12 X 3
WB-E- 50MT 50MT 5 kg 7.5 X 3; 9 X 3; 12 X 3
WB-E- 60MT 60MT 10 kg 12 X 3; 15 X 3
WB-E- 80MT 80MT 10 kg 16 X 3; 18 X 3
WB-E- 100MT 100MT 10 kg 16 X 3; 18 X 3; 20 X 3; 24 X 3
WB-E- 150MT 150MT 20 kg 18 X 3; 20 X 3; 24 X 3
Customize 60MT to 400MT As Per W & M Dept.Standard 10 X 5.5; 18 X 4.5; 17.5 X 3.5
Intelligent Terminal Kit Features :-
Memory 8k + 128 data storage of 3000 operations with battery back up
Printer Port Centronics compatible parallel port
Serial Port 1 no. RS 232 C type port is available for computer interface
Display 20 character X 2 line LCD display with back light & LED display
Jumbo Display 7 segment, 6 digit (60mm height), red LED
Consolidated Reports Date wise, customer wise, commodity, consignee wise
Input Voltage 200V – 250V AC @ 50Hz
Power Consumption 10VA(approx)
Environmental Operating temperature 10 to 55 celsius
Humidity 0 to 95% noncondensing
USB Port For data extracting from eprom
Cup & Ball Type Load Cell
Capacity 32.5 MT
Excitation Voltage 10VDC-MAX 15VDC10-15 VDC
Nominal Output 2.0 mV/V
Non-Linearity <+/-0.017% FSO
Hysterisys <+/-0.02% FSO
Non-Repeatability <+/-0.01% FSO
 CREEP (30 minutes) <+/-0.02% FSO
Input Resistance 770+/-20 Ohms
Output Resistance 700+/-10 Ohms
Insulation Resistance >5000 Mega Ohms
Safe Overload 150% Rated Cap.
Ultimate Overload 300% Rated Cap.
Temperature (Compenseted) -10 – +40 C
Temperature (Operating) -35 – +65 C
Construction Materail Alloy steel
Accuracy class OIML R60 C3
Load cell intervals 3000
Ratio of min. LC verification intervals Y=Emax./Vmin. 7500-15000
Combined error <+/-0.017% FSO
Minimum load 0 Ton
Zero Balance <+/-1.5 % FSO
Protection class IP-68
Cable length 13 mtr
Dimension 240 x 135 x 225 mm
Cable type 4 core shielded, 5.5mm.