Batch Processing System

Batch processing is at the heart of core manufacturing operations, and our Batch ProcessingSystem is a refreshing new platform designed to ensure the customer’s manufacturing operations are optimised. Our software is designed by keeping in mind the ease of use and user personas, creating value for each employee at every level of the hierarchy.

Digitize data entry:

  • Convert all manual forms into digital forms
  • Automated checklists sent and approved by the right personnel
  • Mandatory photo-capturing for crucial tasks across complete manufacturing process
  • Mobile app-based interface to automate complete workflow

Integrate machines using IIOT:

  • Integrate data with the help of sensors
  • Integrate machine-to-machine communication with RS232 and RS485 interfaces

Provide insight:

  • View automated reports and comparative,providing insights and analytics on tasks completed.
  • Map crucial business KPIs with the in-depth insights of the application.
  • Implement business intelligence dash boards through multi-system integration.


Out of the box dashboard for easy access to critical information.

Different key persons get to access only the relevant datapoints and KPIs, which are easily accessible from their customized dashboards.

Batch wise reports, product wise reports, time range wise reports, and raw material wise reports are easily available out of the box.

Customized filters to get nearly real-time data visibility

Role based access ensures that only the right person gets visibility to the relevant datasets, that they are authorized to view.

Nearly real-time data visibility and data entry, data remains temper free as edits are disable unless authorized by the divisional head.

Our software supports flexibility of integration with any existing applications like PowerBI, Tableu, or any ERP Solution.