Bluetooth Mobile Application for Weighing

Bluetooth mobile applications for weighing scales are the easiest and most efficient manner to get accurate weighment data captured on the phone, eliminating the chances of any tampering of data. Users can see the live weight on their mobile screens and operate the actions of the weighing scale from their mobile phones. Sharing data of weighments done in batches enhances billing efficiency, transparency, supervision and convenience.

Key Features:

  • The application can be used with any type of tabletop, platform scale, or
    tank weighing system, and it connects to your Android smartphone via
  • Users can see the real-time weight on the scale on their mobile screen as
    well as operate the keys of the weighing scale from the mobile app.
  • You can connect the app to a POS system to generate invoices or bills
  • Create custom reports and trend graphs, and automatic notication
  • Connect the app to RFID readers for validation and batch scale
  • Sync the app with existing ERP or Cloud systems for complete data
  • Applications for Pharmaceutical and healthcare, Agriculture and dairy,
    logistics, and many more.