Double Girder Crane

Our result-bound working approach has allowed us to be the leading manufacturer and exporter of Double Girder Cranes. It is composed with advanced girder, end beam, trolley and electric parts so as to have its optimum efficiency in all aspects. Moreover, the Double Girder Crane we offer has some outstanding characteristics such as, easy assembling, robustness, and easy controlmodel.Theofferedcranes are widely used in warehouses, process plants, power plants & other various application, for lifting goods/ raw materials/ finished Goods. We have made sure that the Endeavour Double Girder Crane provides the highest quality of performance and functionality Double Girder EOT Cranes are designed with adequate safety factors, in accordance to duty classification as per IS-3177 & IS-4137. EOT Cranes are classified in different types mainly Single Girder Cranes or Double Girder Cranes are Available in the capacities of 1 Ton to 250 Ton.


  • High Efficiency
  • Long Working Life
  • Robust structure
  • Less maintenance required


Double Girder EOT Crane 10 MT

Double Girder EOT Crane 15 MT

Double Girder EOT Crane 3 MT


Oil & Gas



Food Processing





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

A double girder EOT (Electric Overhead Traveling) crane is a type of overhead crane that features two parallel girders for supporting the bridge and trolley

  • Increased lifting capacity
  • Better stability and precision
  • Suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • Accommodates larger spans and lifting heights
  • Allows for the installation of additional features like maintenance platforms and walkways.

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Ports and shipyards
  • Accommodates larger spans and lifting heightsPower plants
  • Construction sites
  • Steel mills and foundries

  • Required lifting capacity
  • Span and lifting height
  • Duty cycle and operating conditions
  • Available space for installation
  • Power supply and control options
  • Safety features and compliance with regulations

  • Regular inspection of critical components
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Monitoring of electrical systems
  • Prompt repair of any damages or faults
  • Training for operators on safe usage and maintenance procedures

Yes, double girder EOT cranes can be tailored to specific requirements regarding capacity, span, lifting height, and operational features.

  • Operator training and certification
  • Overload protection systems
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Limit switches to prevent collisions and over-travel
  • Regular inspection and maintenance routines
  • Clear communication between operators and ground personnel.