Lab Management system

Total laboratory solutions for accurate preventive maintenance and callibration.

LabMAST is a smart lab management solution, designed to adequately manage the various types of information in industrial laboratories. It advances all forms of lab management systems, starting from sample registration to result and report generations.

LabMAST is designed to ensure that you yield the maximum benefits from using LIMS software in your industrial laboratory facilities.

It is the best solution to protect your operations from human inaccuracy, this provides you with better control and ability to
accelarate your business faster.

Sample Management:

  • LabMAST provides a comprehensive functionality surrounding the log-in of samples, and providing different manual samples.
  • this includes- sample login, group sample log in, clinical protocol log-in and more.

Test Scheduling:

  • LabMAST includes several features to dfine the scheduled events for automated sample logins and reporting.
  • these schedules can create the sample to be collected and processed in the lab, and provide the information about the future samples and tests.

Result entry:

  • Extensive capabilities that effectively streamline and reduce the transcription errors in result entry.
  • Automated result entry is provided via file import or interfaces to the laboratory instruments.