Pit Type Weighbridge

Pit Type Weighbridge is installed at ground level in such a manner that vehicles can easily drive on the weighbridge as the foundation is constructed in the pit. This type of weigh bridge is most suitable for places with limited space.

Complete steel structure, fabricated to form a box type squarish grid network in semi bolted construction covered with M.S. plates duly ribbed, a rugged cubical web unique modular design. The modules consist of steel deep section main “I” beams, which are placed longitudinally in the direction of the traffic and take the real weight.

The load cells are mounted under these main beams. Cross ‘I’ beam modules are bolted / welded crosswise, carefully fabricated in rigid box type grid work to prevent deflection and distortion, even on overloads. Retrofit cubical web design is symmertrical axle load bearing, where the deck plate acts as a surface skin rather than part of the load bearing structure underneath. The sophisticated design provides unmatched performance that others can only hope to emulate.

Pit Type Weighbridge Specifications:

Model No.CapacityAccuracyPlatform size (Mtr.)
WB-E- 25MT25 MT5 kg7.5 X 3; 9 X 3
WB-E- 30MT30 MT5 kg7.5 X 3; 9 X 3
WB-E- 40MT40 MT5 kg7.5 X 3; 9 X 3; 12 X 3
WB-E- 50MT50 MT5 kg7.5 X 3; 9 X 3; 12 X 3
WB-E- 60MT60 MT10 kg12 X 3; 15 X 3
WB-E- 80MT80 MT10 kg16 X 3; 18 X 3
WB-E- 100MT100 MT10 kg16 X 3; 18 X 3; 20 X 3; 24 X 3
WB-E- 150MT150 MT20 kg18 X 3; 20 X 3; 24 X 3
Customize60MT to 400MTAs Per W & M Dept.Standard10 X 5.5; 18 X 4.5; 17.5 X 3.5

Key Features:

  • Weight Capacity: 50 tons
  • Platform Material: Reinforced steel for durability
  • Installation Type: Pit-mounted for space optimization
  • High-Precision Load Cells: Ensures accurate and consistent weight measurements
  • Weatherproof and Corrosion-Resistant: Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Legal Metrology Compliance: Certifications for regulatory compliance
  • Customization Options: Choose from various platform sizes and capacities
  • Digital Weighing Indicator: Provides easy-to-read weight data


  • Space-Saving Design: With the weighing platform installed at ground level, it maximizes space efficiency.
  • Enhanced Safety: Reduced risks for vehicles and operators during weighing procedures.
  • Accurate Weight Measurement: Meets legal requirements for compliance and precise inventory management.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for logistics, waste management, manufacturing, and more.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last in challenging outdoor environments.


Our Pit Type Weighbridge finds applications in various industries, including logistics for truck weighing, waste management for fee calculation, manufacturing for materials tracking, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

A Pit Type Weighbridge is a type of weighing scale used to measure the weight of vehicles and their loads. It is installed in a pit or recessed area in the ground, allowing vehicles to drive onto the platform for weighing.

Pit Type Weighbridges are commonly used at industrial sites, logistics hubs, warehouses, and transportation terminals for weighing trucks, trailers, and other heavy vehicles carrying bulk materials, goods, or commodities.

  • Platform: The weighing platform where vehicles are driven onto for measurement.
  • Load Cells: Sensors installed beneath the platform to measure the weight of the vehicle and its contents.
  • Weighing Indicator: A digital display or terminal that shows the weight readings.
  • Foundation: Concrete foundation or support structure to securely hold the weighbridge in place.

  • Space-saving: By installing the weighbridge in a pit, it minimizes the space required for the weighing operation.
  • Easy vehicle access: Vehicles can drive onto the platform without the need for ramps, making it convenient for drivers.
  • Accurate measurements: The design ensures stable and accurate weight readings, even for heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Protection from environmental elements: Being recessed into the ground provides protection from harsh weather conditions and reduces the risk of damage.
  • Enhanced safety: Reduced height minimizes the risk of accidents and improves overall safety during weighing operations.

Pit Type Weighbridges are designed to weigh a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, trailers, tankers, buses, and other heavy commercial vehicles.

Installation involves excavating a pit or recess in the ground according to the dimensions of the weighbridge platform. The platform is then placed within the pit, and the load cells and weighing indicators are installed. Finally, the pit is filled with concrete to secure the weighbridge in place.

Regular maintenance, including cleaning, calibration, and inspection of load cells and weighing indicators, is essential to ensure accurate and reliable performance. Additionally, the pit and surrounding area should be kept clear of debris and properly drained to prevent water accumulation. Regular servicing by qualified technicians is recommended to address any issues promptly.

Yes, Pit Type Weighbridges can be customized in terms of size, capacity, and features to meet the specific needs of different industries and applications. Customizations may include additional safety features, access control systems, and integration with other software or hardware for data management and automation.

Trust Signals:

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Complies with industry standards


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