Single Girder crane

Single Girder overhead traveling cranes designed and manufactured in compliance to IS 807 & IS 3177 for different applications to appropriate class & duty / Hoist machinery designed in compliance to IS 3938. It is provided with high-quality, cost-effective design suitable to customer application.

Capacity: 1 MT to 15 MT
Span: 3 M~22.5M
Class: II, III & Heavy Duty
Painting: Primer and finishing paint
Colour: according to your demand.
Working Environment
Temperature: -20° to +40°

Advantages and Features:

  • Single Girder Cranes are designed and manufactured in compliance with the duty classification as per IS-3177 & IS-807 for different application.
  • Use optimized computer design box type girder as main support girder.
  • Best for Low Head Room Space
  • All mechanisms are wisely used for Crane Duty applications
  • Motor protection class is IP54, F class insulation and equipped with overload protection equipment. (optional)
  • Specially designed gearbox for crane, adopts oblique gears, self-lubrication.
  • Control stick could be connected with trolley, freely move on main girder separately and can also control the travelling speed according to the different depth of buttons.
  • Longer utility life-span and higher working efficiency.
  • Travelling speed adopts nonpolar speed adjustment control which result in stable travelling and small sway of crane.
  • Easy to overhaul


Single Girder EOT Crane 5 MT

Single Girder EOT Crane 10 MT

SG EOT 3 MT – 28 Mtr


Oil & Gas



Food Processing





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

A single girder EOT (Electric Overhead Traveling) crane is a type of overhead crane that features a single horizontal beam (girder) for supporting the bridge and trolley.

  • Small to medium-sized manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Assembly lines

  • Cost-effective solution for light to moderate lifting applications
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Compact design suitable for limited headroom spaces/li>
  • Efficient material handling within confined areas

  • Required lifting capacity
  • Span and lifting height
  • Duty cycle and operating conditions
  • Available space for installation
  • Power supply and control options
  • Safety features and compliance with regulations

  • Regular inspection of critical components
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Monitoring of electrical systems
  • Prompt repair of any damages or faults
  • Training for operators on safe usage and maintenance procedures

Yes, single girder EOT cranes can be tailored to specific requirements regarding capacity, span, lifting height, and operational features.

  • Operator training and certification
  • Overload protection systems
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Limit switches to prevent collisions and over-travel
  • Regular inspection and maintenance routines
  • Clear communication between operators and ground personnel.