Un-manned System

EIPL’s longstanding industrial expertise and know-how has allowed us to develop a completely automated unmanned weighing solutions, which solves all your industrial weighment needs. Our system allows the integration of boom barriers, vehicle positioning, cameras, and traffic lights, to provide a completely automated weighbridge operation, which eliminates the need of any human intervention. Our system can be integrated with any existing weighbridge, or a brand-new Endeavour weighbridge.


  • Weight slip Embedded With Trucks Tare and Gross weight With Vehicle Image.
  • Make Weigh Bridge Man Less And Reduce operational cost.
  • Ensure weighing without any possible malpractice.
  • Allow Realtime surveillance of weighbridge
  • Provide interactive interface to driver for convenience in usage
  • Make Weighing manual error free
  • This system will be Integration with ERP/SAP

Transaction Management:

  • Flexibility to issue permanent or temporary IDs for trucks
  • Capture either one-way or two-way weighments
  • Driver gets weighment information through jumbo display
  • Auto-completion of transactions


  • Get automated daily, weekly, or monthly reports
  • Customize your reports with your relevant data points
  • Get automated email notifications with the weighment receipts

Receipt design:

  • 100% customization available for designing receipts
  • Camera images automatically included in the receipts
  • Include pre-fixed letterhead and terms and conditions, for the company.

ERP Integration:

  • Easy integration with any existing ERP System (SAP, Oracle, Odoo, Tally, etc.)
  • Non-intrusive access of complete weighment data


  • Get real-time weighment data and surveillance of the weighbridge
  • Automation helps increase operational efficiency and reduces manpower costs
  • Eliminate the chances of malpractices and theft
  • Error-free capturing of weighment and truck data via cameras
  • Allows for seamless integration with existing ERP systems

Data Set-up:

  • Capture the data in Kg, Ton, lbs, as per client’s requirements
  • Option to create product masters
  • Option to create vehicle masters
  • Option to create driver masters
  • Pre-defined tare weights for in-house trucks


  • Role-based access for data security
  • Restrictive access to void or edit transactions

Centralised deployment:

  • Web-based access to complete weighbridge operation
  • Get complete site visibility from any location
  • Option to avail cloud-based solution, in a Pay-As-You-Go subscription model
Hardware integration :

Our completely automated system allows for integration with;

  • CCTV Cameras
  • ANPR Cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
  • Vehicle positioning sensors
  • Boom barriers
  • Traffic lights
  • Central control panel for complete automation