Weighing System

Endeavour is leading manufacturer & exporter of different types of weighing system in different industries like Chemical processing, Pharma, Mining and many more with different capacities as per customer’s requirement.

Conversion of existing tanks (vertical or horizontal) for measurement of volume by weight inside the tank by providing a specialized mounting arrangement with a loadcell and indicators for getting an accurate weight. Also controlling other devices of the plant by providing relay output (4–20 mA) for the ongoing process. By using this industry, you may get high accuracy and quality output in batching and processing.
We offer following Weighing System Specifications :-
Weighing Range Upto 100 Ton
Resolution 0.016% of FSO
Accuracy 0.25%
No. of Loadcell Three / Four
  • PLC Based Controller with Lcd Display
  • Fast Weigh Response
  • Auto Digital Fine Calibration
  • Battery backed Ram for Saving various Data
  • Isolated Relay Out – put
  • Fail Safe Interlocks & Protection for overload
  • Accurate and Sturdy Load – Cells
  • Isolated Relay Out – put
  • Accuracy : Compatible to OIML Class lll
  • Suitable for wide variety of Tank Capacities and Shapes