Weighing System


Specialized for Metal Industries and foundary. Available from 50kg to 50MT capacity.

Big Easy readable red LED display

Height : 1.2???

Accuracy : Compatible to OIML class III

Rapid Display (within 3 – 5 seconds)

Power saving function Auto shut off after

1.5 hrs of non – use

Full function remote controller (optional)

We offer following Temp.Proof Crane Scale :-
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  • Big easy readable red LED Display Height : 1.2 (readable even from distance)
  • Rapid Display (within 3-5 seconds)
  • Safety limit co-efficient : 4
  • Gravity acceleration correction; so, can be used at anywhere in the world
  • Whole Load Cell; so very strong and highly durable
  • Power saving function Auto Shut off after 1.5 hrs of non-use.
Capacity 1T/2T/3T/5T/10T/15T
Readability 100gm - 200gm - 500gm - 500gm - 1kg - 2kg
Display 1.2 red LED Display
Tare 100%
Power Rechargeable Battery + AC Adaptor
Optional Remote Controller
Safe Overload 125% of maximum Capacity
Working Temperature Limit 1000 °C/1.5m; - 1200 °C/1.6m; - 1400 °C/1.8m; - 1600 °C/2.0m
Hook Swivel Lock hook
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  • Special design Used under high temperature environment. Especially in casting industry.
  • Multi-function Gross/Net, zero, date/time display, data memory and print, statistic, search, overload warning, lifter, low battery warning and power-saving function.
  • User-friendly design LCD with backlight, easy to operate with micro-printer. Steel housing scale body, high-tension hook and shackle, Ni-H battery to protect environment.
Capacity 1T/2T/3T/5T/10T/15T
Accuracy Class According to OIML C3
A/D transfer speed ≥50 times/second
Max. internal code 1,000,000
Load-cell input Voltage DC 5V
Display 192×64 matrix LCD with backlight
Power on zero range 20% F.S.
Zero range by manual 4% F.S.
Tare range 20% F.S.
Reading stable time ≤10s
Overload warning 100%F.S.
Safe Load 125% F.S.
Limit Load 400% F.S.
Temperature Range Indicator 0 40
Humility Range ≤85%,20
Distance 200m without obstacle
Frequency 450MHz
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