Weighing System

Endeavour is leading manufacturer & exporter of different types of weighing system in different industries like Chemical processing, Pharma, Mining and many more with different capacities as per customer’s requirement.


Specialized for Metal Industries and foundary. Available from 50kg to 50MT capacity.

Big Easy readable red LED display

Height : 1.2???

Accuracy : Compatible to OIML class III

Rapid Display (within 3 – 5 seconds)

Power saving function Auto shut off after

1.5 hrs of non – use

Full function remote controller (optional)

We offer following Temp.Proof Crane Scale :-
  • Model : CRS
  • Model: OCS-SWH1 (Wireless)

  • Big easy readable red LED Display Height : 1.2 (readable even from distance)
  • Rapid Display (within 3-5 seconds)
  • Safety limit co-efficient : 4
  • Gravity acceleration correction; so, can be used at anywhere in the world
  • Whole Load Cell; so very strong and highly durable
  • Power saving function Auto Shut off after 1.5 hrs of non-use.
Capacity 1T/2T/3T/5T/10T/15T
Readability 100gm – 200gm – 500gm – 500gm – 1kg – 2kg
Display 1.2 red LED Display
Tare 100%
Power Rechargeable Battery + AC Adaptor
Optional Remote Controller
Safe Overload 125% of maximum Capacity
Working Temperature Limit 1000 °C/1.5m; – 1200 °C/1.6m; – 1400 °C/1.8m; – 1600 °C/2.0m
Hook Swivel Lock hook

  • Special design Used under high temperature environment. Especially in casting industry.
  • Multi-function Gross/Net, zero, date/time display, data memory and print, statistic, search, overload warning, lifter, low battery warning and power-saving function.
  • User-friendly design LCD with backlight, easy to operate with micro-printer. Steel housing scale body, high-tension hook and shackle, Ni-H battery to protect environment.
Capacity 1T/2T/3T/5T/10T/15T
Accuracy Class According to OIML C3
A/D transfer speed ≥50 times/second
Max. internal code 1,000,000
Load-cell input Voltage DC 5V
Display 192×64 matrix LCD with backlight
Power on zero range 20% F.S.
Zero range by manual 4% F.S.
Tare range 20% F.S.
Reading stable time ≤10s
Overload warning 100%F.S.
Safe Load 125% F.S.
Limit Load 400% F.S.
Temperature Range Indicator 0 40
Humility Range ≤85%,20
Distance 200m without obstacle
Frequency 450MHz