Weighbridge/Truck scale

Endeavour is leading manufacturer & exporter of different type of weighbridge/Truck Scale for Industrial ,Infrastrastructure Industries and Minning Industries. Ranging from 10MT to 800MT in various customized sizes.

weigh in motion weigh bridge

Weigh In-Motion (WIM) system overcome many of the limitations inherent of conventional static weighing systems by being able to weigh the moving vehicle on the move. Having less accuracy compare to convetional static weighing syste of 2to 2.5 %.

Weigh in Motion 120MT /150MT with platform size 3200×550mm.

Technical Specification of Weigh in Motion :-
Model END_WIM-120MT/150MT
Capacity of WIM 100MT/150MT
Accuracy +/-2 TO 2.5 %
Platform Size 3200×550mm
No. of Load cell 4 No’s
Type of Load cell Double Ended Shear Beam-Ball Type
IR Sensor 2 No’s